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LUJEN Brands is a comprehensive entertainment, marketing and management firm based in Atlanta, GA. Since 2007, our service and commitment to a wide range of artists, tours and productions have provided the LUJEN Brands team with the discipline and experience to effectively develop, position and manage the opportunities we are presented with. We are adept and proficient in effective brand development, placement and growth; social media and marketing design and execution and an unparalleled personal management style. Owner & President, Matt Iudice Jr brings 26 years of commitment to client growth and success, which has provided LUJEN with key relationships including but not limited to; the NCAA, CNN, ESPN, and The Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, SD.

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Brand Development

Developing and maintaining a strong relationship with your target audience is essential for brand development and growth. At LUJEN, our team understands the elements required to successfully execute this development and growth.  Our creative vision and thorough understanding of the process to successfully develop and position a brand for global growth is unparalleled. We take pride in our experience, resources and discipline to achieve and exceed branding goals and remain committed always to our core competencies of honesty and integrity, to influence and develop each brand.


LUJEN Brands will generate and execute a comprehensive marketing plan that will position your brand with the best opportunities for global success. Our social media experts will integrate very detailed and diligent viral initiatives to compliment the existing marketing and branding plan. We will work tirelessly to deliver optimum results, while remaining ahead of the curve in our market space.


A proficient and reliable manager understands the business, the brand and most importantly, client expectations. LUJEN Brands brings a wealth of experience and discipline in tour design routing and execution, logistics management, sponsorship placement and a daily, hands on personal management.  We are committed to educating, coaching, advising and protecting, to ensure your success on every level.

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